About Us

We believe that bringing together people, business & technology is the way forward. Our partners grow their businesses and become more cost-effective by offering Free GPBX solutions to their end-user customers at the same time as simultaneously expanding their own product portfolio. Our white label communications platform originates from a good looking past, based on the highly respected project.

We’ve tried to stay true to our core beliefs and to deliver an exceptional experience for our clients and partners. We owe a huge credit to our community for joining us on this overwhelming journey, and we hope that you’ll continue to be a part of our story.

We the GPBX are full of options which will shape your business communications within the absolute best method. From enhancing the standard of communication to raising the business reputations, we’ve developed a variety of options for all to serve with the par excellence solutions. We have developed a complete bundle of PBX which can use by any service provider with completely white-labelled 100% support all time, feature development on demand.

Providing pair of plans to all customers with full support

Every private cloud is closely monitored; upgrades are done once you and your clients are at your slowest and take priority support. It also permits you to use Admin API's that are unavailable to lower end systems. What is more important that it permits you to construct, or have us construct a custom UI. Hosted Partners Solution provides you with a managed hosted instance meaning the PBX will be installed, managed and supported.

GPBX is a flagship product. PBX services created by us and then can be rebranded by another company to create it to seem to be their own. It looks such as you are hosting your own hosted PBX system. Have your own logo, email alerts originating from your company, support chat etc. Everything you need to get things done. And if you have got a development team, fantastic, take advantage of making your own apps.