What Everyone Must Know About Click to Call Solution


Matt Smith

Feb 02, 2018

Click to call solution for a website is a service that is used in web design and in user experience(UX) particularly is a term used for parts in a website that solicits an action from the user. The most popular demonstration of click to call in web interfaces are available the form of clickable buttons that once clicked; perform an action that asks the user to take action. The click to call plugin is an easy plugin for site that permits visitors to your website to see a button to call you directly. In today’s hyper-competitive sales atmosphere, sales managers are looking for any advantage to creating their sales team additional productive outputs.

Whilst browsing through a company’s website, a visitor to the website comes across queries that the website doesn’t answer. So as to get answers to those queries, the visitor to the website could go to, the click to call button, click on it and fill in the contact details. While they wait for a solution, they’ve time to seek out different companies. Click to call is a result of an efficient call to action is a necessary a part of any web site. A click to call isn’t only limited to e-commerce sites. Each web site ought to have a goal it wants users to finish. Whether it’s filling in a contact form, signup for a newsletter or volunteering their time.

What is Click to call solution?

Click to call solution allows users to promptly connect in real-time, with just an easy click. Click to call permits users to utilize every important second and eliminates wasted time. Click to call permits clicking on any phone number in a help desk, CRM, e-commerce platform or web site and then click to call will take care of the rest. This can increase team’s efficiency as simply click on a call now button to place outbound calls.
After visitors enter their phone number (landline or mobile, from anywhere in the world), they are automatically called back within seconds and connected with you. Click to call is an instant call back service. This call is free for visitors. No additional sophisticated copy-and-pasting or memorizing the phone number!

A call back service for website and its benefits:

Call-back services, eliminates the hold time for the clients by preventing them from holding the call for a long time and giving them the feature to get a call-back from the agent once the queue empties. The working mechanism of the call-back technology is easy. The client will be called once they have registered their number once clicked on the call us button. A call back service for website makes sure that customer gets the call once he has requested.
Some of the benefits of Click-to-call are:

• Customers don’t have to remember numbers as they can click directly on the button to get connected.
• The customer arriving and clicking on the button will make sure that it converts web traffic into direct telephone communication
• A call can be made from different countries as it can be implemented so that anyone can dial international calls with ease
• Installing Click-to-call plugin is now trouble-free
• Never miss any visitor as they’ve registered any of the agent can call and makes sure will solve the problems/queries
• Works with any website, wherever you want on the pages