SIP Trunks

SIP trunking is a methodology of delivering telephone and alternative unified communications services over the web to customers that have SIP enabled PBX solutions

Extension Setup

Ability to setup 1 extension at a time- assign to a user, and ability to setup multiple extensions in a matrix online


Call Queue Management feature realize the simplest way for the companies to manage massive call volumes with effective cut down on lost calls & voicemails

Audio Files

This features ability is to upload audio files into each tenant and use it for purposes of auto-attendants, IVR, and queue announcements

Voicemail to email

Receive an e-mail with the help of voice mail if one misses out a call or is unable to answer and allowing the users to access it remotely

Call Detail Records

Call detail records offer records of all calls that are created or received by users of the PBX. It’s helpful for billing, checking call activity, etc

Ring All

Ring teams are designed to direct calls to a bunch of extensions in order that someone will answer the call

Caller ID

Caller ID helps identify incoming calls that matter and set the external caller ID that best represents business

Time Zone

Ability to select time zones based on tenant or extension- so that voicemail notices and CDRs match up

Special Mailboxes

A feature used by the clients to configure their addresses, locations and alternative miscellaneous settings which will assist them with the user expertise

Time Based Routing

Time based routing of incoming calls is a feature that improves client satisfaction by automatic handling of all calls beyond the office hours.

Call Parking

Call Park feature permits you to position a call on hold; therefore it may be retrieved from another phone within the system.

Trunk Routing/Call Routing

The ability to assign particular calls to go out on a particular trunk and anything that doesn’t match any pattern goes out on a particular trunk.

Call Barring

The ability to disallow users to call particular numbers based on pattern.

Call Recording

All the calls created on your network are recorded and stocked up on the cloud with not a bit of extra charge.

Music on Hold Configuration

Playing music, current offers, etc. to keep your call entertained even on hold make more business.

Find Me/Follow Me

Find Me/Follow Me feature in your VoIP phone and keep connected to multiple clients notwithstanding your location, simply receive telephone call on any device.

DID Support

A number of extensions can be customized, manage and maintain on the same phone line and support for this will be provided.

Call Transfer

Connect the calls to the proper destinations without much of efforts using manual or built-in ACD feature

Call Filtering/Blocking

Filter and block the amount of unwanted or unsolicited calls you receive.

Conference Bridge

: A virtual conference which allows multiple callers to participate in a phone call despite of knowing location or phone.

Three Way Call

Ability to host a 3-way call between two extensions and an outside line or two outside lines.

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