GPBX Services delivers complete inbound voice services to customers around the world. As an essential component of our industry-leading offering, GPBX provides a robust Application Program Interface (API) that enables our customers to fully integrate the ordering and provisioning of virtual numbers within real-time applications, making these processes completely transparent to third parties CRM Integration.

What are Access Tokens?

A short-lived token that you simply will use to authenticate client SDKs like Voice is called as Access Token. To make them on the server to verify a client’s identity and grant access to client API features. Configurable up to twenty-four hours, all tokens have a limited lifespan. However, a best practice is to come up with Access Tokens for the shortest quantity of your time feasible for your application.

How to get Access Token from different Platforms?

Step 1. Visit to get an API Key.

Step 1. Register yourself with the given fields provided.

Step 3. Once you’ve registered yourself, log in with the credential you’ve entered while registering Note: You’ll be logged in after creating the account.

Step 4. On visiting the Home page, In the Dashboard panel click on API (The red box shown below).

Step 5. On clicking the red box given below, an API Security Key will be generated which will be emailed to the registered email id.

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